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Lahore is considered the melting pot of civilization and ideas. It has some of the best architectural marvels such as Badshahi Mosque and Fort, the old gates, and everything within the walled city premises is a wonder of its own. This is also one of the reasons Lahore has never settled on one type of architectural design idea.

5 Latest Architect Design Trends in Lahore

As we are moving towards the end of this year, why not explore the latest architectural design ideas in Lahore? This blog is dedicated to this very purpose as we will dive into the latest trends of architectural designs in 2023, the emerging interior design concepts in the new suburban Lahore and how this is inspired by foreign and indigenous cultures. 

Victorian Architects Designs

The first trend that has made it to our list of latest architectural design ideas in Lahore is the old-school Victorian Architect. The design is inspired by the English house design from Queen Victoria’s reign. It was developed during the 19th century and is a mix of Greek, Italian and Gothic architecture but has its distinct character as well. However, the main feature of Victorian buildings is their bare bricks which are often painted red and are not cemented. 

Another feature of Victorian architecture is the symmetry in the design as the roofs are mostly triangles with a church-like appearance. 

Why is Victorian architecture in trend in Lahore? This can be simply attributed to the fact that many Lahorites immigrated to England in the late 90s and they picked this trend for the new homes in Lahore suburbs. It is, however, getting replaced by other architectural designs.  

Modern Architects Designs

Modern architectural designs are what the name suggests, not old school like Victorian but simple and modern. If Victorian architecture is all about ornaments and flowery doors, modern architecture is about straight lines, minimalist architecture and exterior. The design is considerably popular among Lahoris and especially in areas like DHA, Bahria Town, Lake City and other such locations. 

One of the reasons it is getting popular is because of its simple design and no pomp and show. The buildings built on modern architectural themes, mostly broad roof overhangs, walls of glass and large windows, open and well-defined floorplans, focus on form over function and the use of modern and traditional building materials. 

This also means the house in itself and its interior is not distracting and overwhelming for anyone.

Spanish Architects Designs

Now Spanish architecture is very bold and is for someone who loves colour, hidden design and a lavish feel. It is not an exaggeration of the Spanish architect and interior design but it is the very nature of the Spanish architect. 

Surprisingly, Spanish design is not only expensive but it is equally satisfying as well. It uses bold colours but is mostly all Gold colour with complex domes, ornate pillars, indoor swimming pools and a wide front entrance. If you are someone who is interested in showing off your house and wants everyone to drop their jaws, this design is the perfect choice for you in Lahore. 

As far as the popularity of Spanish architectural design is concerned, Lahore has some of the most elaborate designs and is mostly visible in posh societies such as Lake City, DHA & Bahria Town which are known for extravagant house designs. 

Italianate Architects Designs

Arches, pillars, multiple windows with domes and grand entrances, that is a house built by an Italian Architect. Italian architecture has always been very prominent and has been refined over centuries. The Hagia Sophia in Turkey is a key example of the Italian intricate design. This is also becoming more popular in Lahore and can safely be included in the latest house trend in Lahore. 

The design is very bold and has variations but it is slightly less bold than the Spanish design. Typically built from brick or wood clapboard, have between two and four stories, tall in appearance, subtly sloping hipped roofs and deep overhanging eaves with prominent decorative brackets and wide cornices. These are some of the major design features of Italian Design. 

Very few architects in Lahore are building Italian houses in Lahore and after thorough research, we could only spot 2, the H-A Design Studio and Galleria Design

New Classic Architects Designs

The new classic is the old wine in a new shiny glass bottle. It is an experimental architectural design idea that is getting popular in Asia, especially in Lahore. New classic architectural house design uses the old classic elements of architecture and integrates new materials and style with it. 

It is a bold idea as for many it is like a hybrid and very few people can separate it from the minimalist design. The classic shapes such as domes, bricks, symmetry and proportion are infused with modern colours and designs to bring out the most awe-inspiring architect. This is the very reason, why Lahorites who are known for their love of checking out every new thing first are using it in their house design. 

Again, this house design is most popular in the suburbs and not inside the city. 

Final Thoughts 

As Lahore is expanding and the spending power of people is also increasing, we are seeing a lot of design ideas. Lahore, true to its tradition, is accepting almost every house design. We at H-A Design Studio are aware of these trends and offer a comprehensive package related to architectural design, interior design and project management services in Lahore. 

We have over the year completed so many projects that speak volumes of our quality, portfolio and ability to undertake new projects. 

We thus also offer free consultation for anyone thinking of building their own home or in want of anything related to architecture, or interior design services. Feel free to give us a call or visit our offices in Lake City or Garden Town Lahore for a more detailed discussion with our resident architect.

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